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  • A lifelong passion for fly fishing.  Always practicing catch and release and taking great care to cause no harm to her fish. This  sport will always will be a lifestyle & passion for Rebekka. She is as much at home in a pair of waders, boots and a hat as she is in her favourite dress and heels. Casting into a stream in the early morning mist is something she lives for. She says: " It's gratifying to know your taking full advantage of the day - appreciating it from the dawn's light". Growing up on a horse farm, she was surrounded by natural beauty and quickly grew to appreciate it from a very young age.

  • To her there is no teacher or element more worthy than the great outdoors. "Nature nurtures the soul",  "It'll kick your butt too!"  
  • " Rebekka is  a passionate supporter, believer and organizer for animal welfare , she spearheads many horse rescues across  Canada. She's changing laws in the making and shutting down slaughter plants." ~ Animal Angels network.

above: Rebekka and her rescue 7 yr. old paint mare "Koolta". August 2012. 

Koolta was on her way to slaughter in spring 2011.  Rebekka's mission is to rescue and help as many horses as she can. Koolta is her pride and joy and will live forever on the family farm. Rebekka has managed to change some laws for the better in Canada regarding horse slaughter plants. 

" Rebekka's  talent with animals & photography is undeniable, 
she's amazing and one of the best there is " 
~ Luke Wilson, Actor(old school, my super ex-girlfriend) and friend of Rebekka's 
Film & TV Work. 

Rebekka has worked in the Canadian film industry proclaiming jobs in :  director of photography, 2nd lead onset photographer, script supervisor,  
 fly fishing & horse advisor,  and has been on the other side of the lens with acting rolls plus the occational stunt double action via horse back and fly casting stand in. 
Besides the above, she has worked as location co-ordinator, art director, casting & production manager. 
  • Working in film is another aspect that is a big part of her life. 
  • "I love the adventure that comes with this work, the travel, etc.  
  • But also the craft & the storytelling. 
  • From a kid, I remember enjoying certain
  • books and getting swept away in movies."
  • "Film is a natural medium for me,” Rebekka says. "It's photography and sound mixed into one".

This continues to fire her passion and imagination with the connections that she makes taking her to new locations & projects around the world. 

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"At a young age I started my interest in fly fishing. I taught my self the basics of fly casting from a old book from the library, no one in my family fly fished, but I knew it was something I had to learn about! No matter how much I have changed, learned and evolved as a person, fly fishing has been a major part of my life and really the only constant. Since I learned to fly fish anything is manageable and life is richer. You can get through some real tough times with a fly rod in your hand. When life becomes too intense there are people who drink, seek counselling, eat, pray,.... I fish.  I am always learning and expanding my knowledge of fly fishing and I remain humble every time I head out to fish and if i'm not, I can be sure the water will do that for me.  "  Rebekka

"Everyone has their own particular lens from which they view life" 

Rebekka enjoys and pursues  fly fishing  & photography, a lifestyle which allows a close proximity and connection to flyfishing and the great outdoors. 

"You have to live spherically in many directions, never loose your childish enthusiasm and good things will always come your way". ~ Rebekka




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